Oddly Satisfying


Platform: CAVE with Vive Controllers

Artistic experience empowering participants to create and explore in an abstract environment.  Created as part of the Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) Course and showcased at the 2018 BVW Fall Festival.

Role: Artist

Content and Interaction Design based on playtesting

Modeled shapes and contributed to color palette

Team: So Young (Olivia) Han, Hye Lee (Hailey) Kim, Emily Kovalik, & Byungju Lee


Oddly Statisfying Creations


Participants with their Oddly Satisfying creations.

BVW- Team 74-logo.png

Logo for the Experience designed for the ETC Festival, Fall 2018.

Paper Prototyping

stripe field.png
strieps w-particles.png
particle field.jpg

Before building the experience digitally, we paper playtested different fields of space based on our goals for the experience to learn what worked best.

Particle Interactions


We also playtested the shapes and sizes of the particles for the experience.  We learned that guests wanted more autonomy over the objects which resulted in the first two phases of the experience where guests sculpt and scale their object.


Drawing Interactions

Playtest results from participants who were prompted to "draw" in the space.

Transition Animation Tests

To make our experience more cohesive, I created simple animations of transitions that we could use when switching between phases of the experience.